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Today's Weather in Rabat

Sunrise: 06:19 AM
Sunset: 08:42 PM
Moonrise: 07:10 AM
Moonset: 10:10 PM
78.4 °f
64.8 °f
70.3 °f
0.00 in
Max Wind:
13.9 mph
Thu 30
0:00 am
Thu 30
3:00 am
Thu 30
6:00 am
Thu 30
9:00 am
Thu 30
12:00 pm
Thu 30
3:00 pm
Thu 30
6:00 pm
Thu 30
8:00 pm
IconCloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudySunnySunnySunnySunnySunny
Wind5.8 mph3.6 mph4.3 mph5.4 mph10.3 mph13.0 mph10.3 mph7.2 mph
Precip0.00 in0.00 in0.00 in0.00 in0.00 in0.00 in0.00 in0.00 in
Pressure30.0 in30.0 in30.0 in30.0 in30.0 in29.9 in29.9 in30.0 in

Weather in Rabat for next 7, 10, 14 day and beyond

Forecasted weather in Rabat for the next 7, 10, 14 days and beyond is predicting maximum temperature around 27℃ (or 81℉) on Saturday 2nd July at around 1 pm. Over the same period the minimum temperature will be 18℃ or 64℉ on Friday 1st July at around 5 am.

Data gathered from different weather sources including world weather radar, national weather service and satellite weather data, Rabat weather is forecasted for little or no rainfall over the 7, 10 and 14 day. If you are travelling or on vacation then enjoy the dry weather in Rabat.

The weather forecast is also predicting windiest of all days will be Thursday 30th June as wind will reach 14mph or 22kmph at around 2 pm.

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